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Currently available products, such as pesticides and insecticides, are neurotoxic. They attack insects by destroying their nervous system. Insects have evolved extremely rapidly over the last 30 years. So that insecticide and pesticide molecules do not affect the nervous system as they used to. New insecticides with even more toxic effects are being developed, such as the currently popular oral insecticides to which group it belongs Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica, Credelio and Revolution Plus. On the other hand, the sensitivity of pets to insecticide toxicity is real. The use of neurotoxic preparations is associated with numerous cases of poisoning of pets.

The FDA issued a warning to owners and veterinarians in 2020 about potential neurotoxic side effects in pets. Read the entire report here.

How do Herba Max preparations work?

Insects breathe through the skin, i.e. the shell. Herba Max the preparations work by suffocating insects. The products contain geraniol or neem oil, which cover the insect's body and thus block its airways. At the same time, the insect's shell and the glue that attaches the parasite to the hair soften and dissolve. In fact, the insect becomes fragile and its shell breaks. In this way, the hair is freed from parasites and is easily removed by brushing and washing.

Do Herba Max preparations cause side effects?

The products do not contain neurotoxins and therefore do not cause side effects. Herba Max preparations are intended for puppies and kittens from 3 months of age and pregnant females. There are no allergic reactions as with neurotoxic preparations.

What are the advantages of using insect repellents?

Neurotoxic products that have been used for the last 30 years are equally toxic to insects and pets. The main feature of natural preparations is that they do not attack the pet's body, but only act on insects and their elimination.

Long-term use of neurotoxic preparations has developed insect resistance to them. The best examples in practice are when owners find ticks or fleas on their pets despite the use of neurotoxic preparations. On the other hand, geraniol and neem oil create a physical barrier that leads to suffocation of the insect and therefore insects cannot develop resistance to these natural preparations.

Are some pets more prone to insect problems than others?

It is still an open topic with the question of whether some pets are more prone than others to being attacked by fleas or ticks. Some factors such as pheromones and hair length seem to play an important role in attracting animal parasites, but the specific phenomena are not yet well understood.

What to do if you have an invasion of fleas in the household?

A household faced with an invasion of parasites should first inspect all areas where animals reside to determine the extent of the problem. Be sure to keep in mind that one of those places is the vehicle, if you use it. All areas should be treated immediately with the appropriate product. For household and vehicles, we recommend BioGard flea-based spray that is harmless to humans and pets.

BioGard protiv buha i krpelja

BioGard against fleas and ticks

All animal mats, baskets and surfaces in the immediate environment should be thoroughly washed and treated. The procedure should be repeated as often as possible, at intervals of a few days, in order to prevent the reproduction of insects from remaining eggs.

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Author: Morana Barbara Lučić
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