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My story

Many things shape us throughout life, and sometimes it's the little spells that shape us before anything else...

My magic that I was born with is the love and understanding of dogs.

It took me many years before I realized that people don't understand dogs. And, I admit, all those years, I wasn't very good at understanding people. But dogs, dogs have always been a part of me and are an integral part of everything that makes me who I am today. Dogs are the biggest miracle that has shaped my entire life.

I could tell dozens of stories about dogs, and maybe once I'm too old to do things for them, I'll get around to telling them. For now, I'll tell the story of Tara, Brika and Vigo.

As for my story, it continues with my efforts to make dogs' lives better in any way I can.

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The story of


Vigo is my partner and director of quality. He approved Bean Bag dog pillows. And like any hardened director, he did it in the most painful way possible. Here I will tell you exactly how it looked...

Vigo and I have been sleeping on a huge bed for years. One day, when I was sewing the first big Bean Bag pillow, I left it on the floor. Nothing happened at that moment, which was to be expected given the royal treatment Vigo was enjoying.

But in the middle of the night, I heard Vigo get off our bed and woke up. At first, I thought he was thirsty and was going to drink water.

And then it happened!

Vigo got off the bed, drank some water and then I heard the rustle of the pillow where you made a nest and fell asleep. And so the Bean Bag pillow got the best possible use approval it could get 🙂

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The story of


This is the story of Tara and how she is the reason I started doing things that make dogs' lives better. Because of her, I designed and made a medical carrier for large dogs.

Tara had surgery and was unable to go to the vet every day to receive the necessary therapy. We were in a big problem, because we lived on the fifth floor of a building without an elevator.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a large enough, stable and safe carrier for her anywhere. Somehow we managed, but it was very difficult for both of us. This problem bothered me a lot, even after we no longer needed her, I thought about all the dogs and their owners in a similar situation.

Finally, after several years, I decided to solve that problem and designed a carrier for large dogs.

... yes, and just one more thing. I don't know how to write a story very well, but I understand dogs and their needs very well. I hope this carrier will help all dogs, and their owners, who ever need it.

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Tara is in the middle

The story of


This is the story of Brika, Tara's daughter, and how she is the reason why I started making pillows for dogs with incontinence problems.

My queen, Brika, was 12 years old and full of life like any young dog. But her body was aging and she had difficulty controlling urination.

Of course I wanted to provide her with all the comfort I could and I had terrible problems finding an adequate mattress to lie on. The offer for dogs included diapers and disposable mats. Basically everything was quite unhygienic, overpriced and uncomfortable to use.

In order to help dogs with the same difficulties, and their owners, I designed special pillows for incontinent dogs.

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