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Center for dogs

In the Center, you can use the recreation service for you and your dog in the Agility park. Allow your dog to take you on a dog's dream trip ☺

You can bring your dog to kindergarten, drop it off before work and pick it up after work ☺

If you are going on a trip, you can leave your dog at the Dog Hotel - full board, Agility park, party team...

When you get out of the sea, you lie down on a towel, the wind in your hair - if you have it, a sunny day... You pick up your cell phone, completely ignore calls from work, and through the camera you watch your muzzle enjoy itself... possibly more than you do ☺

Dog food, collar, lead/bib, favorite blanket or bed, medication and other supplements if the dog uses them. Titer test or vaccination booklet. And, of course, don't forget to bring your dog ☺

Do not bring toys and treats! Kuju in pursuit!

Absolutely. If your dog is currently taking any medications or supplements, we will make sure that he receives them regularly. This is not charged extra.

Of course! At any moment, you can connect to the video surveillance in the center and see live how your dog is enjoying himself ☺

The food is prepared exactly according to the owner's instructions for each dog. We always have Raw food meals in the center in case your dog runs out of food. Raw food meals are charged according to the price list.

The floors of our dog houses are covered with tatami, the same material used in kindergartens for children. Not only does it protect the pads of a dog's feet, but it also provides a comfortable walking surface for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and other aging ailments.

Your dog will be able to rest when he wants and we will make sure that he is not disturbed by other dogs.



At Woff Woff Dog Center, we strive to create a safe environment for dogs, but we understand that not every dog will get along with all dogs. Our team is highly trained in understanding dog body language, and if we see an animal becoming agitated and aggressive, we will take steps to remove that dog from the situation before it escalates.

Since the Center is like a kindergarten, we admit that occasional arguments may break out. That's why we train our team to recognize these situations and remove a dog that can cause problems with other dogs.

In the event of a dog fight, we will take all measures to separate the dogs in a non-violent and safe manner and to provide them with veterinary assistance in case of need.

For dogs that show signs of unstable behavior, we can use a muzzle or isolate them from other dogs.

I do not support violent methods and no one at the Center will ever use physical violence against dogs.

That! We require all dogs to be on a leash with a collar/bib, both in our parking lot and upon entering the Dog Center.

In addition to providing you with a safe environment to leave your dog in, it also helps dogs with their socialization and allows them to stay fit and active.

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Woff Woff CBD oil is laboratory verified, obtained from organically grown hemp, contains transparent information on the manufacturer, product series, production date and laboratory analysis of CBD and THC content for each series. The carrier of CBD is organic hemp oil.

All this is important, because most of the CBD oils on the market are of poor quality, with a questionable proportion of CBD and THC, and can cause visible side effects in dogs with gastritis and allergies. Cats have the most visible reactions to untested CBD oils.