Dog stretcher

Carrier for transporting large dogs

Nosiljka za pse

This is a specially designed carrier for veterinary clinics, pet shelters and transporters (pet taxi services).
The design allows easy handling in small spaces, such as X-ray (X-ray) rooms, passenger cars, stairwells and elevators.

The carrier is very light and specially designed to enable easy and safe transfer of medium and large dogs.
When carrying, the ergonomic shape eases the burden on the lower back, which is very important for people who need to frequently use the stretcher to transfer patients.

Osam prihvata omogućava prihvate sa sve čitiri strane. Prihvati se mogu koristiti za provlačenje sigurnosnih pojasa  kako bi osigurali stabilnost tijekom prijenosa ili vožnje.

Grips are very useful when handling the stretcher in x-ray rooms, stairwells, cars, and other cramped or irregular spaces.
Likewise, two independent belts can be used as shoulder straps for easier carrying on longer distances.

All materials on the carrier are made of stainless and long-lasting materials. Expected use is +20 years.
If necessary, the carrier cover can be ordered separately. Also, the cover can be easily separated from the structure and washed as needed.

The cover material is waterproof and waterproof.
This allows easy maintenance by wiping the upholstery with a disinfectant after or before use.
Due to the black color of the upholstery, blood stains that may occur during the transport of injured dogs are not visible.

Two independent harnesses can be used to secure the dog and can be easily adjusted to fit different dog sizes.
They can also be used as shoulder straps for easier carrying and better control when carrying.

Who uses the carrier for transporting large dogs?

Professional use:

Croatia, Zagreb – Happy Vet veterinary specialist clinic

Croatia, Čakovec – ZEU "Friends of animals and nature" no-kill shelter

Croatia, Osijek – dr. Doolitle Vet. infirmary

Croatia, Vrbovec – Veterinary clinic Pot, Tomislav Planinić

Croatia, ZagrebDODO-VET doo

Croatia, ZaprešićVETERINARY STATION doo

USA, Red Bud – Richland Pet Cremation & Memorials

USA, North Carolina – South Point Pet Hospital, Dr. James Dobies

CanadaOttawa – Animal hospital, Dr. Chris Clark

Spain, Málaga – ADANA

Malaysia, Sabah - organization for saving animals

Mexico, Campeche –  Veterinary clinic

Personal use:

USA: Alabama, New Hampshire, San Diego

Australia: Queensland


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