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Atopic dermatitis in dogs

Atopijski dermatitis kod pasa

Atopic dermatitis in dogs and cats

Allergic atopic dermatitis in dogs and cats (atopy) is a term that refers to an allergy to environmental substances.

Atopic dermatitis, a disease in dogs and cats, has a genetic basis, so your pet most likely inherited a tendency to develop allergies. In addition to the hereditary basis, there is also a breed tendency to develop atopy.

Unfortunately, atopic dermatitis cannot be cured, on the contrary, it can get worse and intensify over time, and almost 10 % of the dog population suffers from atopic dermatitis.

Symptoms of atopic dermatitis usually begin to appear in the period between the sixth month and the third year of a pet's life, and are manifested as redness of the skin, milder or stronger itching of the body that leads to scratching and/or licking of the paws, scratching of the face and ears, scratching of the armpits, groin and stomach and frequent bacterial skin and ear infections, he writes markovic.hr.

Research shows that CBD alleviates skin allergy symptoms

Atopic dermatitis will cause additional itching in your dog when exposed to allergens. This scratching can be focused on specific areas or on the whole body. Excessive itching is painful and uncomfortable for your furry friend. That is why it is important to solve these health problems.

Fortunately, the company CannPal Animal Therapeutics Limited which manufactures animal medicines recently found a link between CBD for dogs and the relief of symptoms of atopic dermatitis in dogs. The results of a recent studies have shown the safety and effectiveness of CBD products for dogs.


Research studied the effect of CBD on dogs with Atopic Dermatitis Extent and Severity Index-4 (CADESI-4). Due to the coronavirus pandemic, instead of 30 dogs, 13 participated. The dogs were divided into three groups. Two used CBD products with a similar formula, while the third was a control group in which the dogs received a placebo. All dogs received a specific dose twice a day for 56 days. The dogs were examined and the results were recorded at the beginning, middle and end of the study.

After 56 days, veterinary specialists in dermatology evaluated the results. Using the CADESI-4 model, they studied skin lesions and specific areas of the body that are typically affected by atopic dermatitis. Each dog's family also assessed their dog's skin and coat before and after 56 days. All participating dogs tolerated the CBD products well, so none had to be removed from the study.

the results

The research came to the conclusion that a significant reduction in the symptoms of atopic dermatitis was observed in dogs that used CBD products. Dogs using two different CBD formulas were shown to have 51% fewer symptoms according to CADESI-4.

The symptoms of the control group did not change significantly. In the end, their CADESI-4 scores increased slightly, proving that CBD had a huge impact on the dogs using it.

Overall, CBD products have only had positive effects on dogs.

Atopic dermatitis can drive your dog crazy if not taken care of. This can happen any time your dog inhales allergens, such as pollen or dust. Use shampoo to relieve itching can help, but baths should not be a daily routine. Thanks to research like this, dog owners can now use CBD to relieve symptoms of atopic dermatitis without worrying about negative effects.

If your dog suffers from atopic dermatitis, consider Woff Woff CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Woff Woff CBD the oil contains ingredients that can be beneficial for the health of dogs, including a positive effect against atopic dermatitis. Also Woff Woff CBD oil through its endocannabinoid system, it has a positive effect on the overall health of your pet. Plus, it doesn't contain THC, so you won't have to worry about your dog getting "gross."

Each batch of Woff Woff CBD oil is laboratory tested and safe. The safety and health of your muzzle always comes first!

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Author: Morana Barbara Lučić
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