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Prirodni lijekovi za bol kod pasa

It's hard to see your muzzle in pain. When a dog enters your home, you promise to love it and take care of it as best you can. But arthritis and joint pain can strike at any time and leave you helpless.

Painkillers certainly have their place, but they can be harmful to a dog's liver, and steroids have a host of side effects. Fortunately, there are natural ways to make your dog more comfortable.

Here are 9 natural ways to help dogs with pain relief

1. Maintain a healthy muzzle weight

The fatter the dog, the more its joints suffer. If the dog is overweight or obese, it is time to lose weight. If the dog is already at a healthy weight, maintain it further with a healthy diet and adequate activity.

2. Just actively move forward

If your dog is diagnosed with arthritis, you will definitely need to change his routine. But staying active is important for joint health. Instead of long, energetic walks and strenuous games, introduce more frequent and shorter walks and swimming. Swimming maintains the muscles that hold the joints, without straining them. The more swimming the better.

3. Physical therapy

There are veterinarians who provide advanced services for dogs with injuries, arthritis, and mobility issues. Pain relief and better mobility can be achieved with massage, acupressure, passive exercises and stretching. A veterinarian can teach you that.

4. Emmett technique

In the Emmett technique, light pressure is applied with the fingers on specific points. The nervous system registers the stimulation caused by the pressure of the finger, and the brain reacts by sending a new instruction to the periphery that will affect the condition of the affected part of the body. The result is often an immediate physical change. This gentle muscle relaxation technique can improve agility, performance and contribute to the dog's relaxation and satisfaction, which also contributes to a better quality of life.

5. Acupuncture

An ancient Chinese method of treatment, it is carried out using thin needles that are inserted into precisely located acupuncture points. It is a powerful preventive medicine, which strengthens the immune defense system. Acupuncture improves the general condition and condition of animals. The biggest advantage of acupuncture compared to conventional treatment is that it has no side effects. Natural methods work more slowly, but they do not endanger individual organs and do not mask other symptoms like drugs, which prevent the complete picture from being seen. In veterinary medicine, we have a great advantage over human medicine because there is no placebo in animals, so the effect of the therapy can be seen very quickly.

6. Prevents slipping on the floor

Laminate and tile floors are extremely harmful and dangerous for dogs with arthritis. Ensure that all floor surfaces are non-slip. For these purposes, you can use carpets, rugs, tatami or rubberized surfaces. And no, dog socks are not a good idea! The dog must feel the ground it is walking on.

7. Provide an orthopedic Bean Bag dog bed

A bed that does not provide adequate support can cause even more damage to painful joints. Bean Bag dog beds are orthopedic dog beds. The dog can adjust the shape of the bed according to itself, which provides perfect support for every part of the body.

8. Desirable dietary supplements

Glucosamine, B complex, Omega 3 and Omega 6 have an anti-inflammatory effect, relieve pain and promote the regeneration of the nervous system. It is important to choose quality products so that the effect of the preparation is positive and suitable for the purpose. Either choose proven and high-quality preparations or rather do not give your dog something that you are not sure if it has a positive or negative effect on his health.

Choose organic products, obtained by cold pressing, never with oils, read the declarations and check the composition.

Riblje ulje za pse
Fish oil for dogs

9. CBD oil for dogs

Over the past few years, clinical research confirmed that CBD oil has shown positive results in dogs in the fight against pain. Over 5,000 Woff Woff muzzles agree, because dogs don't lie, and the results are here! Many years of experience and results speak for its quality and efficiency.

Find out which CBD oil is best for your nose.

Responsible owners recommend Woff Woff CBD oil for dogs, because it has transparent and accessible data that includes Certificate of organic farming and Laboratory analysis authorized laboratory of each produced batch. In addition to the described, the positive effects about which are also unavoidable dogs and their owners testify.

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You can find the certificate and the corresponding laboratory analysis with each product here.

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